Sunday, November 20, 2011

Place your Betz!

We had a kitten placed on hold yesterday...Cobbis! He will be going into a home that has adopted from us before. Cobbis will be leaving Thanksgiving morning. We've already informed them that Cobbis is into Styrofoam plate art! Badu is going up to more people for attention. She meows, then headbutts. What a wonderful thing to see! We all love her, but we are still respectful of what she does and does not want. We also took in a new kitten last night. A person who has used the rescue center before found this little girl. She's a gorgeous calico, about 3 1/2 months old and truly a lovebug! Her name is Betz (named after a webcam friend). She's been tested, bathed and given her first shots and she's now in Dodger's Pen, observing all the activities of the rescue center. Our other new cat, Pawsome, is already out and about and doing great. It's fairly nice out today so we've opened up the outdoor enclosure so the cats can enjoy watching the fall leaves blowing by. Have a great Sunday!


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