Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The kitties and cats are all prepared for their Thanksgiving meal for tomorrow. The oldsters have already spread the word that Thanksgiving means turkey--plenty of turkey to go around! My sister Judy also brought the cats a hambone which she does for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They LOVE it. So, tomorrow is turkey and ham day to them. It's fun to watch them clean every morsel of meat off the hambone. All is well here. Kitties are crazy and the cats are a normal rescue center. Cutie has been giving the kitties (especially Peach) baths again. Kiara is one of Bella's best friends, due to the fact that Bella shares her baby food jars with Kiara. Anony is still so super laid back. His favorite position when sleeping is flat on his back, all 4 paws up and curled. So sweet. Macallan and Cinnabon are quite a team-what one doesn't do the other does. Georgia has been rounding up the furry gray mouse toys this morning. I saw her have 6 different ones already today. The cats have been playing with a box all morning--it has air bags and packing paper in it. The more that joins in the fun, the better. We also took in 4 new kittens yesterday--3 1/2 months old. They were already spayed/castrated, which helps us a lot. We have 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl is a calico, the 3 boys are a tiger/white, gold, gold/white. All 4 are ever so sweet. Their leukemia/fiv/heartworm tests were done this morning and are negative.

We had boxes!
Anonymous-: 24 can case of chicken and salmon Friskies
Anonymous: 24 can case of adult Chicken Soup with salmon, turkey, duck and veggies
Jo91150 in AZ.: kitty size bed, thermal cat bed, a HUGE stuffed tiger bed, roll & pop toy, Reeses Pieces pillow. She also sent me a t-shirt that says "My Indian Name is Converses with Cats" and a nightshirt that says "Ooops! I adopted another cat!". Thanks Jo, I love the shirts!

I am thankful for the donations that we receive and the support this rescue center has from our webcam friends. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. It's truly a day to be thankful.

"I not the turkey. BACK OFF" -Asha

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