Friday, November 18, 2011

Now Entering Kitty City -Population: 15-

The Big Move is done! All 15 cats that were in Cat's Cove are now living in Kitty City, where they will stay for the winter (then move back to Cat's Cove in April). This must seem like heaven to them compared to the previous years. Over the summer the exterior walls were insulted and FRP paneling, glass windows, and an insulated door were all installed. Catwalks and built in shelving was added along with warm snuggly cat beds. Let the snow begin! (Not really!) We were happy to share the Big Move with you all. The cats liked the attention they got. They are wonderful and will now be snug for the winter. The article for the Crescent-News was also published yesterday. Hope you will get to read it on our facebook, as it is a tribute to all you web cam viewers for your support. You are indeed important to the life of this rescue center.

Wiffin is scheduled to be adopted today. I was asked to address the need of siblings being adopted together. Sometimes we do...if it's the new owners choice and they can adopt 2 cats. However, because the cats and kittens here are not caged, they all become one big happy (for the most part) family. Wiffin and Buffin do love each other, but they do not require each other for their individual happiness. They are also confident cats, meaning they do not require another cat for security comfort. I always appreciate your questions and never mind answering them. You are always welcome to e-mail me with concerns.

Badu is a sweetie! If you watch, and try to understand her personality, she is indeed open to a loving relationship with us. She's becoming more relaxed and even will "ask" to be petted. Progress is definitely being made! Makes me happy and Badu happy. Weasley's fur is getting longer every day. He has many different shades of gold---such a handsome little guy. This morning when I came into the Rescue Center, I caught Octavia pulling out more plastic bags for everyone to play with. She already had 19 of them on the floor. One is never enough for Octavia!
We had boxes last night!

  • Jeepers from PA: stamps, sponges, baby food, Dawn soap and canned chicken
  • Sabrina T. Cat and Cantoncat: 2 marshmallow beds, 1 for Kitty City, 1 for the rescue center
  • Michlynn: Happy Thanksgiving card


  • Lewbeth and kitties from Gloucester, Mass
  • HLRocker and Hilary from Louisiana

Keep the postcards coming! All of us here are enjoying the postcards and seeing where they are coming from.


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