Saturday, November 26, 2011

Four kittens find homes

Another good adoption day! We had 4 kitties leave the rescue center to go into their very own homes. Hudson, Sage, Zoom and Kozo were the honored ones! We also had some wonderful visitors last night. Do you remember Tookie, the kitten that was adopted a few weeks ago? Since it's Thanksgiving, Tookies family was back in Defiance and brought many family members to the rescue center to visit. It was very nice to see them all. We even showed them Kitty City, which of course, the City cats loved. You will be seeing another new face around here. His name is Jim and he will be covering the farm chores on Paul's off days. Jim has been around here before as he's helped with several big projects this past year. A very nice man and a hard worker. Ernestine is such a nice cat. She's friends to all the other cats and kittens, a sweet cat. All the little kittens are doing great, playing and running like little wild things! Grominique is another wonderful cat. She loves looking at the birds outside but will come over anytime for a big back rub. Derby is a play machine, all toys become a part of his playground! Every morning after breakfast, Pocus and Georgia like to lay in the grooming tub and watch the water drip. Peverly was seen yesterday dragging one of the kickaroo toys around and telling everyone to stay away; It was HER toy! Shasta has to have her face wiped every day as she loves to lick out the food cans. Tweeny is awesome, has such beautiful shiny gold in her fur. All is fine here. The cats are enjoying the increased amount of visitors. The 4 oldsters, Twinkle, Putter, Magentta and Ada Jane, are also doing great.


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