Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitty City Opens Tomorrow!

What a very very busy day we had! It took us all day of cleaning, sweeping, mopping, organizing and arranging, but Kitty City is now 95% ready! Many thanks to Paul, Judy S., Linda T., Sigrid and Kurt for all their help with this huge project! Tomorrow, starting around 9:30 AM, we will move all 15 of the Cat's Cove residents up to Kitty City, where they will spend the winter months. It will be a process, as each one will be brought inside the rescue center, vaccination record checked, wormed, teeth checked, toenails trimmed if needed, weighed, etc. We will also show you the cats on the cam. Yesterday we did an interview for our local newspaper, The Crescent-News. They called in the morning and had noticed we have over 1 million total views (it's actually 1,300,000) and wanted to do a story regarding the web cam and FFRC. The article might be in today's paper. Our little Macallan kitten (orange/Cinnabon's brother) has been returned. The kids in the family are showing severe allergies already. We love for our kittens and cats to "stay put" in a home, but the way that we work is, if for WHATEVER reason the family can no longer keep a cat or kitten that's been adopted from here, we want it returned to the rescue center. So, Macallan will be back on Petfinder. We had a box last night to open!

keymargo: case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast, case of chicken & some spring toys
ju-in-ji: case of Friskies & case of Fancy Feast (from Monday's boxes), from the Netherlands

Thanks so much keymargo and ju-in-ji. We very much appreciate your gifts. This helps us alot! The steps that was sent by Nuki Sr. has been well used. Even Bella, Magentta and Kurt William have been using these steps! Thank you too for all your votes--we are still #1. This is so exciting! Voting continues thru 12/18 and results will be posted 12/21. Have a great day!

Kitty City
Kitty City

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