Thursday, November 17, 2011

PJ is back with us!

I've heard from PJ, a webcam friend and she is back among us. About 7 weeks ago, PJ became very ill and has been in the hospital for an extended stay. A simple explanation, as she said, is her pancreas was broke. PJ is wonderful, such a joy to have with our webcam family. We're glad she's feeling better. Take care, PJ! Today is our Big Move--the Cat's Cove cats become Kitty City cats. We will be moving them up to the City this morning. Thanks to Clemm for finishing the painting on the trim in Kitty City yesterday. The building looks awesome--will be a great place for them to stay their winter months. County played and played this morning. One of the toys from Beverly G. last night was a ball with a stick and feather on it. County played with this for over an hour this morning, all by himself! Remo is now running full speed when he's playing. Jeepers likes to pretend he's itty bitty--I keep finding him inside small boxes, inside the toy plastic containers and also curled up into a small ball. Jeepers is quite a cat--super friendly, soft and so playful. The birds have been feeding at all the outside feeders that we have. The cats love watching this--it's great entertainment for them. Zoom and Cessna were a bit under the weather yesterday, but today they're both back to playing hard. I just have to say....Asha is beautiful! She's sitting here beside me. Such blue eyes and healthy look about her!

We had boxes last night!
CeS--1000 small paper plates
Cegull--1 case of Friskies
Beverly G-volunteer cupcakes, paw points, toys for Einstein, Rawhides for dogs, & treats for cats, Reeses Pieces, cat food & many different kinds of fun toys!
Calico17--dry kitten food, post-its, reese's pb cups, fancy feast, cuddle warmer and kitty toys
JoboLove--cat dancer toy
Sabrina T. Cat--therapeutic cushion
Donna (volunteer)--a big fluff bed that she made

Postcards: LaRae--Oklahoma
Littleonemine--Redwood City

I believe almost 100% of the cats and kittens have used the new steps! They love it. Putter loves sitting on the top step. Both Shael and Sage love playing with the plastic springs. Brad took the other tall pole home with him to rewrap with new hemp rope. That will be fun for them! We bumped up a tad more in the Animal Rescue Site ratings! Yeah--we're still #1 and I so appreciate YOUR votes!

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