Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Adoptions!

More adoptions! Yay for wonderful, loving homes! Shael went to a home with a family with 2 girls that were very happy to have a kitten to love. She's going to be one majorly loved kitten. Dulcy also went to his new home. He was already completely in love with his mama. We also have another kitten on hold... Claudius! This is what the rescue is all about; homes where these kittens and cats are so loved. Today my family will be over for a Thanksgiving meal, so this post will be short! But, I still want to give my thanks for the gifts we received last night.

  • Tookie's Family: 3 blankies, case of Friskies packets, cat dancer toy, treats, Dawn soap, canned Friskies, 2 toys and a purple rug.
  • Newfiedogmom: cat nip squirrel (I've already seen the cats carrying this toy around!)
  • Madisonpepper: 2 toys that made us all laugh

  • Dawn's S.'s mom: postcard and donation  (her mom lives in AZ.)

  • From Missa and her mama, Diana
  • LaRae (sure looked like Cobbis on the card!)

Thanks all, have a wonderful day. The kitties and cats had a turkey breakfast today. They licked every morsel up!


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