Monday, November 21, 2011

Buffin finds a home!

Another adoption to a great family with a great cat! Buffin was adopted yesterday to a mom and dad with 4 girls. I'm not sure who will have more fun, the girls or Buffin! It's official...Tweeny is now on hold. She'll be going to her new Colorado home but not until March. Due to heavy snow during the winter, they will wait closer to spring to make the drive to pick her up. In the meantime, we'll shower her with TLC and let her know she has a home. Tugger is also leaving today. The last week he has been bullying Bella. It's come down to him being so bold, that Bella has become frightened of him. To make matters worse, just today alone, I've seen Tugger try to nip her on her backside three different times. Bella cannot afford to have another bite wound in this area as another repair surgery may not be possible. So...Tugger is going to Uncle Eric's today. I have had a couple inquiries about Tugger, so I will talk to possible adopters at Eric's. We just weighed the 2 torti and 2 calico sisters today and all 4 have gained weight. We also weighed the 5 smallest kitten group (including Weasley) and all 5 have gained good weight! Betz is now out and about and is doing just fine. Badu is enjoying head scratches and kisses more and more. Wiggles is growing and loves to play with the small kittens but he can also keep up with the bigger cats now. Telo loves to carry around these clear plastic rings. He will play fetch over and over again. Hudson loves any plastic wrappings that crinkle--he'll carry them in his mouth and dare a kitten to take it away from him! Yesterday the yellow table was called the Licking Zone. It must've been bath day as all day long the cats were piled on the table grooming each other. We're still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site! Thanks for your votes!

Wiggles has a flavor

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