Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lots of updates--happy new homes

Lots of cat/kitty updates to give! First, Tugger is at Uncle Eric's temporary home. He will indeed be adopted tomorrow! He'll be going to a home where he'll have lots of room to run and people to keep him company. Lilo was also adopted yesterday. She went to a webcammer's home. I think they already loved her even before they left! What a great thing for Lilo. Cassi was also adopted yesterday. We have had a young couple come in (they previously adopted Remus) periodically to visit and play with the cats. On their last visit, Cassi was picked as a special cat. Her dad surprised her and got Cassi for her! They've already called and all is happy there! Cobbis will be leaving Thanksgiving morning, Missa will be leaving next week. Hudson is also on hold now and probably will leave today. The new kitten Betz is doing wonderful. She's now playing and she looks so happy. What a beautiful kitten she is. Pawsome is now 100% at ease here and plays with everyone. Farrah has now been 12 weeks without a seizure!

We had boxes last night!
Newfiedogmom--4 cases of food & 1 case of chicken
Anonymous--2 case of Friskies, 2 cases of Whiskas, 1 case Fancy feast
AnnaMarie, Neil & Vixen--2 cases of organic turkey, 2 turkey toys
Quayside (Elaine & Willis)--3 cases Tiki Cat food (one is sardines!)
Mazie--a rescued cat from Scotland--q-tips
Jeepers--apples for the volunteers & Thanksgiving card
Anonymous--Christmas window clings

Cyndi & Dave-fun card & $5 donation from a friend
Nikkaross--Thanksgiving card

Yuki--Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ellen & Heremy (ABQcat) & kitties Alex & Samantha--Albuquerque, NM
Bellachelan--Lake Chelan, WA

You ALL are important to the Rescue Center--thanks for your support. It takes a huge effort to make this rescue center run smoothly and you are part of that!

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