Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a very very rainy day. Our yard is completely flooded, but we're high and dry in the Rescue Center. The cats are being entertained with all the rain splashes on the windows! Our 5 new kitties--Erie, Pigrim, Praline, Plymouth and Punkin are now out and about with the rest of the gang. They seem to be doing very well. A little shy at first, but they've quickly gotten into the groove of having fun. Kurt William has done a very nasty thing to his neck--all in about 1 minute, even with his collar on this time. It's time to talk to the vet about this neck problem again. His wound is now cleaned up, antibiotic ointment applied and is bandaged with vet-wrap. It's also necessary for him to be on oral antibiotics. He's still a happy boy. Nougie (our shy boy) actually came out this morning to eat in the main area. I was thrilled to see this. I've seen this happen twice now just today--Peverley sitting on a shelf, tail hanging down and little Wiggles batting away at her tail. Little Erie has a bum rear left hip/femur area. Possibly happened during his adventure outside before he was found. He's better today and hopefully will be even better tomorrow. Bumble Bee is still one of the prettiest kittens ever. Pocus is becoming a big loverbug--loves her chin to be rubbed. Big excitement here today. Paul and Jimmy will be applying the fiber board to June's Room! This is the last of all the rooms (except the main office). This fiber board is so easy to clean--cuts down on our cleaning time. It also looks nice and is very durable. It'll be so nice to have this project done.

We had boxes to open last night:
Ambafizz & kitties from UK--case of Friskies, spring toys, case of cat treats, Litter
Janet & Laurie & 4 kitties--2 Christmas stockings full of toys, tape, lots of other toys, cat
treats, Reeses Pieces (!!), 1 krinkle bed bag, 2 fluffy beds, 1 kitty hammock, coupon
for litter, play mat, toys, brush, 4 soft sided carriers and a donation check
Jatcat--2 wireless bridges for our computer systems

Hannah in Indiana
Paddy--telling us about his latest adventures!

Winchester, Mas.--LTHolmes

Thank you all for the supplies. These are the things that make a difference to us. YOU all are important to our day to day upkeep.

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