Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitty City is dry now

The water in the back room of Kitty City is now receded. No damage done. We have had such an enormous amount of rain the last 10 days that the ground cannot accept any more. Next spring we'll have to look into doing the drainage pipe a little different to prevent this problem from happening again. Badu was laying on a mountain of clean warm laundry this morning--how she loved that. She looked very proud of herself, having conquered the mountain! Kurt Williams neck is a bit better this morning. His ear is perfectly clean--checked it again with a scope. His teeth also look wonderful-so no problems there. He took his antibiotics. We trimmed his rear toenails again and applied his antibiotic ointment to his neck wound. Hopefully tomorrow it'll look even better yet. Octavia has a minor ear infection. Upon trying to treat it, she reminded us she does NOT like to be messed with, but we got the job done. We'll repeat her treatment Friday and Monday. She's back to looking happy again. Betz is another happy kitten--she loves to play. All toys are fun to her. The 5 newbies are doing great. They no longer go back in their room for security--they're confident of their surroundings. They sure can play--they're already zipping around! Grominique sure enjoys watching the birds out the windows--completely entertains her. The kittens and cats must have stored up all their energy last night as they've all been crazy felines this morning. A super high energy place today (which of course, we all love!). We've heard from Dolcy's new mama. Dolcy's name is now Niko. All is wonderful. Sound like he loves his new home already. The new arrival, Sari is doing good. She is a lynx point Ragdoll. She originally was here in in 12/03 and was adopted in 2/04. Her birthday is 10/17/03. Her family no longer could care for her so they did as we ask......they brought her back to the rescue center. I'm always very grateful that if the family can no longer keep an FFRC cat, that he is returned to the rescue center (per the contract they sign). She is now in Patience's Pen where she can observe all the human and cat interactions.

We had boxes last night!
ClassyCat--case of Hormel chicken, 2 cases of Friskies
Cobbis--2 cases of Friskies
TinksDad--3 cases of Fancy Feast
cs700/Charlie--3 cases of Friskies
The Vaughn family (bama_pearl)--4 bags of dry Whiska, cat treats, trash bags, q-tips, magic erasers, paper towels a book called What's the Matter with Henry, Note pads, pens,
tape, Clorox wipes, and Human Treats, a family card and letter from their daughter!

We love it when the USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS trucks drive in! Very exciting and so gratefully received.

For your consideration: Please remember, that the chat box is clearly and largely visible in the rescue center, for all to see (volunteers, visitors, etc.) Anything that is written on the chat can be read by all here. Be considerate that feelings are not hurt. I consistently get e-mails from people telling me how much they enjoy our FFRC chat, that it's a group of caring and friendly people. Makes me glad that we have the chat. Thanks for helping us keep the chat so all can read it.

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