Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Viewer Appreciation Day TODAY!

We now have 5 oldsters here at the Rescue Center. At one time, we had 8 oldsters, but would like to keep that amount to 5 or lower, considering the extra care needed. Our new arrival is called Snooglies. She came from a Michigan shelter. A web-cam friend is a volunteer there and asked us to take her in. Snooglies is a very old torti girl. She has some dental issues, which we're treating, and is probably in a degree of kidney failure. She had been losing weight at the shelter and vomiting. If we can get the vomiting under control, she'll stay better hydrated which means her kidneys will work better. She had a bath already and a dewormer. So far, she's been eating some can food and has not vomited. We'll see how today progresses for her. She's a gentle old soul with a great purr. We had boxes last night also! DebbieB sent 3 cases of Friskies and Littleonemine sent some can food and treats. Last week I was a bit concerned about our can food supply, but not now. I'm so appreciative of the supplies that we get. We gratefully receive them. Father Gene, a minister from a local church, was here yesterday along with Kate to discuss the possibility of a Pet Blessing. The date is October 2 at 2:00. This is not a service, but simply a Pet Blessing. Their church, as many churches do, offer this as an annual event. This year, it will be hosted by the Rescue Center. Anyone is invited to come and bring your cat/dog/pet. I took Einstein to one last year! A couple webcam viewers asked if their pets could be blessed and also someone has an old cat and wanted her blessed. Gene is more than happy to do this. He will do the individual pets, then as a group, bless the webcam pets. If you'd like to hold your pet during this short event, that would be fine. He said he would be happy to do this Pet Blessing so it can be shared on cam. More info later.

Today is a web-cam appreciation day. We will keep the audio ON all day, except if an emergency happens. If the audio is too loud, simply turn your volume down. During the course of the day, the shop vacs will be on and there may be more than 1 person talking at the same time. We hope you enjoy this! Bella is doing better and ate a good breakfast. She'll be on antibiotics for another week. Patricia Ann now has her pen door open during the day. She's been coming out for short excursions, then goes back in her pen by herself. She's a sweetie. Fabio is doing great today. He's still clean. Hopefully whatever happened to him yesterday won't be repeated. Kitty City looks awesome. It's done other than the caulking. Thanks to Paul and James for a great job. Kurt can now reset his wood workshop in Kitty City so he can start building all the catwalks for this building. Sometime in November, the Cat's Cove gang will go into Kitty City and spend a very cozy winter there!


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