Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 Amigos

Yesterday was our Fall Festival day at Kircher's Flowers. It was fun, made $220, saw a lot of people who has adopted from us and talked to alot of supporters. It was a good day! We also had 2 adoptions yesterday. The family that adopted Subra & Baacha decided that Latte' needed a home and came adopted her. We were so happy for the family and for Latte'. Amy, a web-cam viewer from MI., came and adopted Jobo. Two lucky cats and two lucky families! We also took in another new little kitten yesterday. This sweet long hair black/white baby was tossed from a car and has a scabbed up face. Her name is Shasta, named by Gossamer from the Catathon Name a Cat. The 3 littlest kittens are now friends and are together as a group in Thumper's Room. The little black kitten's name is Picasso after the famous Spanish painter, in honor of our Spanish friends on the web-cam. So, the group consists of Picasso, Wiggles and Shasta. We also had boxes Saturday night. Bantry and her mom sent some awesome toys, cat treats, sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Loved the card that Bantry sent! I had a wonderful surprise box--Elaine & Willis sent 3 cases of sardines!!! Yes, I LOVE sardines! I told the cats if they're extra good, II will share with them. CathiB sent a case of Whiskas packets. The cats of all ages love this. Michlynn sent a whole box load of various rugs. We can always use rugs! Cobbis sent a case of Whiskas and a case of Fancy Feast. We sure do appreciate the food orders--helps us a lot. Ellenbeth557 sent food, cat treats and great toys. We also got to see pictures of Ellen's cats. Thanks to you all for your support. It makes a huge difference for the rescue center. Each day brings a little better fur coat and skin condition for Patricia Ann. She's a wonderful cat, is out of her pen most of the time and is eating good. Snooglies is doing awesome. She's still very thin, but she has a great appetite. Most of the time, she's is out of her pen. Twinkle looks terrific. She's filling out nicely and no longer resembles a bony girl. She's ever so sweet. The days are cooler now, so we can have the windows open to the outdoor enclosure more. I counted 21 cats and kittens out there at one time this morning! Asha is a wonderful girl. She still loves to be held and petted. Bella's bottom sore is healing nicely now.

Kurt William
Kurt William

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