Friday, September 9, 2011

Lowe's Project

What a terrific Thursday we had with the Lowe's project! At about 9:00 AM, people (volunteer Lowes employees) started to show up. The supply truck arrived soon afterward and the work began. The Lowe's project was to put in all new 2 x 4's in Kitty City, then put in insulation. They also put in a wonderful new weather door! The difference in Kitty City already is amazing. Paul and James put in the 4 giant windows that were donated to us. They will let in lots of sun and warmth in the winter, and the cats will have a good views of the outside. Today it's all about us continuing the work. The back room still has to have the 2 x 4's put in, followed by the insulation. The OSB boards (4 x 8's) will arrive this morning and be put over the insulation for the interior walls. After that, the new FRP will be put on top of the OSB boards, along with all the trim. When this is all complete, Kurt will be making new catwalks for inside Kitty City. We are unable to use the old catwalks that were removed since they were designed and cut to be mounted between the 2x4s that will now be inside the wall. Today Paul, James & James' son will work all day in Kitty City. To clear out Kitty City, we had to use the clinic to store some of Kurt's workshop items, so he will be moving all this back into Kitty City tonight so we can have surgery in the clinic tomorrow. We have approximately 12-14 spays/neuters scheduled for tomorrow! Handsome Sunoco was adopted Wednesday. So happy for him and his new owner. We had boxes to open the night before! ClassyCat sent batteries (for the laser light), cat treats, kitty food and Friskies and treats for the volunteers. Thanks ClassyCat--sure do appreciate this! Joanne H. sent us 100 thank you notes with Putter's picture on the front! They are just wonderful and I'll use every one of them! Thanks bunches. Cathi B. sent Whiskas packs which ALL the kittens and cats love. Thanks to all for helping with these gifts--this really helps us tremendously. Received an e-mail from Mike Chamberlin. He's the person that will be doing the concert for us on September 15, 2012. This will be an exciting event for us. He has also offered to do a web cam concert, just for you all! The day before the BIG concert, he will sing some songs in front of the cam and entertain us all! Mark your calendars! We took in a new kitten yesterday. She's a Siamese with a bit of a snowshoe look to her--very pretty girl with an super sweet personality. Her name is Bandita and she's about 11 weeks old. She'll be out and about with the rest of the gang soon. It is with great sadness that I tell you that our little Phoenix passed away last night. He's our little one that was tossed out of a car. The first day he was looking better, then yesterday late morning he started his downward slide. He obviously (by the symptoms he showed) had some internal damage from his accident. These are always heartbreakers. We want so badly to make everything ok, to bypass the hardship he endured at the hands of someone else who didn't care about his well-being. But, we all cared--me, the volunteers, and the web cam viewers. He was given much love and was held at the time of his passing. So, even though his time was short here, I truly feel that Phoenix knows he did matter to us.

Barbra and Chaplin
Barbra and Chaplin

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