Friday, September 30, 2011

So far, so good!

Patricia Ann went to her new temporary home last night and so far, so good. Patricia Ann is beautiful but she's been having a few problems here at the rescue center. We needed to find a certain home for her where she would be the only cat and adults that would work with her. We possibly might have found that home. The family is quite willing to let Patricia Ann be herself. She even wanted a big head scratch from them last night! We'll keep you posted. Good news--between our AdSense account and Amazon Associates program, we had over $520 deposited into the FFRC checking account this month. Thanks to Kurt for setting up these 2 avenues of money for us. Cabana and Nebraska are in June's Room and will probably have their first cruise of the rescue center today. Tasco continues to do well--is using his box 100%. We had 3 boxes last night! Thanks to Sunoco (long hair gold/white cat that was recently adopted) and his owner for a box full of great items--can food, plates, paper towels, spoons, etc. Everything will be put to good use. Thanks too to Cathi B for the canned Chicken Soup for adults--they will love it. Also Annette S sent Friskies! The cats are happy! Thanks for your support. We gave Snooglies some SQ fluids today. She's off her food a bit and we don't want her to get dehydrated. She keeps going to the doors, so we have been carrying her outside for walks. She seems to really enjoy this. All is fine here. Kitties, cats and volunteers are happy! Yesterdays volunteers were Peggy S., Connie G., Donna and Connie D.


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