Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday was our Viewer Appreciation Day. We left the audio on from the previous night clear thru this morning. We will definitely do this again sometime in the future. Thanks for joining us. We have now went over 1 million total page views for our web-cam. That is absolutely astounding to me. I remember when we hit the first 1,000, I was thrilled. We also had boxes last night. Jillr27 sent 2 cases of Friskies can food and baby meat. Thanks Jilli for the food--we will make good use of it. Thanks too to Clarice from MI who sent 4 giant containers of Clorox Wipes. We love using these wipes and appreciate your donation. The Hall family sent Friskies can food and cat treats. This is the family that recently adopted Subra and Baaka. Thanks for the donation and giving these 2 kittens a wonderful home. Our new cat Snooglies is now holding down most of her food, and she has received 2 subcutaneous fluid treatments. She seems to be feeling better. Her urinalysis shows that she has a urinary tract infection for which we have already started treatment. She's even been out a few times to cruise around. Patricia Ann is gaining weight and I do believe her skin is a bit softer--in the beginning healing stages from all the fleas. She's cruising around a bit and is becoming more comfortable. She's a sweetie too. Barbara is now on a hold for the Titan family. She's such an extra wonderful kitten. Bella continues to heal and is feeling better today. Ernestine is laying beside me with 6 kittens nursing on her--only 3 are her own. It's fairly cool today so the outdoor enclosure window is open and the cats are enjoying going in and out. The muppet kittens are cruising about more and more each day.


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