Friday, September 16, 2011

More gains

We have some nice updates to pass along. Twinkle is steadily gaining weight and is so happy and contented in her life here. She has the entire Rescue Center figured out, even with her limited sight. She is truly a joy and is much loved. Patricia Ann is cruising about quite a bit now and is adjusting well. Her appetite is good and she's having fun! Her skin is still rough, scabby and thick, but it is certainly starting to heal, and her fur is a bit softer today. Snooglies is also out and about more and she loves to be held. She's still being treated for a UTI and will be for the next week, but her appetite is increasing, and when she was weighed today she showed a gain of 5 ounces! Our new little baby kitten has a name. It's Wiggles, in memory of a 20 year oldster of a web-cam viewer. He's about 5 weeks old, gray tiger/white. He's so darn cute when he lays on his back and plays with his toes. He was very dehydrated upon arrival but is eating well now. Danelle & Denae are 2 of the nicest kittens--so loving and playful. Hopefully they'll be adopted soon. Putter was crazy this morning--actually trotting around the Rescue center with gusto! We had boxes last night to open. Quayside sent 3 cases of Purrfectly chicken--one of the cats favorite foods. Thanks to Elaine & Willis for that donation. I gave Raza an extra hug for you! We also received 2 cases of Friskies but don't know who sent them. Thanks for your support! Thanks also to John for your sponsorship of Twinkle and Emaline. We'll be sending your photos to you soon. Tomorrow is our Fall Festival day at Kircher's Flowers. If you're in Defiance, come and visit us! We still have some 2012 calendars for sale. They're $20, plus $3 in shipping. If interested, let me know by e-mail. You can pay by check or PayPal. They're beautiful, hand made by Kate and features FFRC cats and kittens. We also still have a few Catathon DVD's left. They're $10, including shipping.


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