Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Poor sweet Fabio, he is OK now but something happened to him this morning. He was fine at breakfast around 4:45 a.m. When Judy S. arrived at 7:15 a.m., he was a mess. We're not sure what happened to him, but his whole body was covered with thick wet gooey sooty stuff. It took 4 shampoos to get him cleaned. He's fine now, the other sun porch cats are also fine, but the mystery of what happened remains. We had 2 great adoptions yesterday. Belmont went home to our friends Ron & Mary. We were so happy to have Belmont find a home with them. Leotie also went to her new home. I could tell Leotie was a very happy kitten! We had boxes to open last night! Sneakers, a dear cat that passed away, donated his meds to the Rescue Center. Thanks to Sara for sharing them with us. Thanks also to Jillr27 for the Friskies food, a much needed item. It's nice to have our supply replenished. Clarice G. also sent 5 boxes of Fresh Step litter, another much needed item. As the saying goes, what goes in, must go out! So, food and litter go hand in hand! Thanks so much for these donations. I've heard from Mitty's new family today and all is well. She's settling in just fine. They are quite interested in adopting another cat fairly soon. Mitty's kittens are doing great. Yesterday was their first day out of their room. They had 2 different play times and just loved it! Today we have Kate's minister from her church coming over to discuss having a Pet Blessing here at the Rescue Center for the FFRC kittens and cats and the volunteers pets. More later on this. Patricia Ann is now here in the Rescue Center, in Dodger's Pen. She loves to be petted, but oh, her skin is so thick, rough and scabby. Time will help with this. Kurt William is sporting a new sweater. Hopefully this one will help to keep him from scratching his should so it can heal. Farrah continues to take her medicine in the pill pockets. Twinkle has gained almost a whole pound already and her fur is so much healthier. Zelda's skin has softened up from her flea infestation. She loves to be petted. If you'd like to see how Kellen my granddaughter is doing while at CHOPS, you can go to http://caringbridge.org/ and enter in "kellenfaith". Caryn gives daily updates about Kellen. Thanks for your interest.


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