Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Date for Viewer Appreciation Day!

What a very busy past 2 days! First, Yvette went to her new home. Last I heard she was zipping thru the house! Also Mitty (the calico mama) was adopted yesterday. She ended up going to a home that several volunteers knew and was hand delivered after her spay! We also took in a new young cat. She was tossed out and abandoned after a family moved away. Why do people think this is OK? I will never understand these actions. She found food and a friend in a neighbor who saw she desperately needed help. He brought her here yesterday. This cat has personality plus and absolutely craves hands-on attention. She arrived with many many hundreds of fleas on her. Her entire body feels like thickened skin--the result of long term flea infestation. She also has several flea allergy sores on her body and ears. She is medium hair, white, female, already spayed. She probably only has half of her fur coat thickness due to the fleas. She is now flea free, fed, happy and purring. She has a special name--Patricia Ann, named after our web cam friend Hummerfan's sister. Yesterday was our surgery day and it sure kept us busy! Dr. Cindy was here to do the surgeries and Bonnie & Sue helped in the clinic. These are the kittens/cats that were spayed/neutered: Ernestine, Gonzo, Fozzy, Barbra, Peach, Happy, Hettie, Xubie, Derby, Belmont, Mitty, Cobbis, Preakness and Bandita. Dr. Cindy also came in and examined a few cats for me. She checked Twinkle and thought she looked very good, nice weight gain, also believes she has very very little sight, eye infection is better, will give her some antibiotics for a sore tooth. She also gave me some suggestions that we'll try on Emaline to see if we can get better control of her immune problems. I talked to her about Farrah, and we'll keep her on the dose of PB's that she's on right now. We had boxes to open last night--so much fun and so appreciated!
  • Cantoncat & Sabrina: pill pockets for Farrah & cases of Friskies
  • Joanne H: cosmic catnip alpine scratcher
  • MagsPa: pill pockets for Farrah, Friskies can food
  • Catlady: homemade cookies, lots of treats for the volunteers, kitty treats, can food (& Reese's Pieces!)
  • Medic101: case of fancy feast
  • Gemini, her mom & nephew: Party Mix treats for the volunteers, spring toys, and misc. toys & a tunnel
  • Titansfan1: q-tips, cat treats, toys, tuna, whiskas, plates, homemade cookies, homemade toys, bookmarks for the volunteers.
You all are awesome! We had a 3-way cat problem this morning, all within 5 minutes of each other. Kurt William tried to climb a pole straight up and fell straight down, dazed himself and bruised his ego, but he's OK. Putter, for the first time, got "mixed up" in the shop vac cord and needed extra hugs. Then he swatted a kitten, so he felt better. Bella had a stream of bloody serum following her. Took a look and noticed a fairly large bite wound right on her "scooting bottom" area. Gave her a bath, shaved the area, and gave her antibiotics and pain meds, so she should be fine.

Much work was done in Kitty City again yesterday by Paul & James. About 85% of the new 2 x 4's, insulation, OSB boards and the fiber board is in place--looks fantastic! Hopefully the job will be done on Monday. FYI: a total of 40 more 2x4's were added to this building. Racer is working on a few little projects here in the rescue center, then come Tuesday, he'll be continuing his work on the cat walks for the rescue center. When that's done, he'll be putting up a maze of catwalks in Kitty City. The cats in Cat's Cove were out for a fun day of roaming on the farmyard. They're all doing great.

We have a change in the date for Viewer Appreciation Day! It will now be on Wednesday, September 14th . Audio will be on all day so you can listen in on what an average day is like around the rescue center.

Patricia Ann
Patricia Ann

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