Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Kitten Time Again!

The 11 kittens have been moved to Cat's Corner Room so they can start acclimating to the main area. They are: Mary Katherine, Nuggie, Cassi, Chia, Claudius, Picasso, Wiggles, Shastah, and the 3 from that were being fostered by Jodi. Just this morning, we opened the door and left them out for their first cruise (except for Nuggie and Mary Katherine). We'll be going on kitty hunts again, to put them back in their room off and on today! We also took in a new kitten yesterday. Her name is Cabana, she is about 4 ½ months old, and only weighs a bit over 2 pounds. She is black with a 4 inch natural tail. She loves people And is spending time in Thumper's Room with Tasco for now. We had a few boxes last night. We received from Paul W. some Q-tips, KMR, and paper plates. Thanks Paul! All will definitely be put to good use. We also received a box from Margaret S. She sent some Friskies can food and a case of Fancy Feast. These are the things that help keep us going! Also, Clemm a webcam friend and volunteer made some baby blankets for the cats. They're very pretty and are already being used. Kiwi sent some of that wonderful Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes. Of course, Octavia had the first bite of it! Cabbage has been playing with the kittens--so nice to see. Snooglies is eating fairly good, but sleeping a lot. She definitely shows signs of being a geriatric cat, but we'll love her for as long as she's with us. This Sunday is our Pet Blessing day. It's at 2:00 and you are welcome to join us thru the cam. Remember, Monday, Oct. 3rd is when we start voting again at The Animal Rescue Site. Please pass this along to your friends and families and we'll make a big voting day happen! I'm grateful for your support.


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