Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spay and Neuter!

My wish for all cats and dogs: I wish that somehow all the cats and dogs would get spayed and neutered. There are NOT enough homes for all that are being born. Here at the Rescue Center, I can keep up with the daily medical treatments, the intake procedures, the adoptions, the doorbell, phone and the daily routines. It's turning people away that is the very most difficult thing to do. And it's simply because too many cats are not neutered or spayed. The thing is, this is a problem with an answer! Get those cats neutered or spayed!

We had boxes to open last night! Many thanks to Quayside for the 3 different kinds of Whisker treats for Putter and the oldsters. Putter says thanks too! Snooglies is doing pretty good. She's ever so slowly gaining weight-8 ounces so far! She LOVES baby food. Picasso, Wiggle and Shasta are now sharing June's Room with Mary Katherine & Nougie. Mary Katherine & Nougie both need lots of hands on as they arrived fairly shy of people. We're working on it. Bella is doing a bit better today. She continues to take her meds willingly as long as she gets a good petting afterward! Farrah is in her 4th week of taking her PB seizure meds. She loves the pill pockets which help tremendously. Usually her seizures would be every 5-6 weeks, so we'll continue to watch her. We may still have adjustments that need to be done on her PB dose. The voting is done on The Animal Planet Rescue Site. As you probably already know, we won a weekly award for having the most votes in that week and also won the Photo Contest (JJ's picture). Both of these resulted in a $1,000 check to FFRC!! The last quarter for this year's voting starts October 3rd. Please be ready to vote again!


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