Thursday, September 29, 2011

KW gets a custom collar

Maybe we solved the problem for Kurt William not to scratch his shoulder! Titans--I hope you don't mind, but we took 3 of your wonderful plastic cross stitch book marks and cut it to have 3 long bands, which we sewed together. Then we fitted it to his neck and it covers his sore just perfectly. It's not very wide, it's staying in place and you can't hardly tell he has it on. It's working! We'll leave this on for a period of time to completely heal his neck. Snooglies ate her breakfast. She's also been out cruising alot today already. I know when people look at her, they think she is so very thin, which she is, but she's also so very happy! She LOVES us to hold her, which we enjoy doing. Bella's bottom sore is a bit of a problem. She now has 3 staples to close the area. The problem is, because of the location, it's hard for it to heal. I'm very very hesitant on any debriding being done on this area, as she MUST not lose what skin she has there. Time is on our side, so we'll keep working on her. It's very possible we have found a home for Patricia Ann. This won't be considered an adoption, but a trial home. No cats or kids in the home. More later! Breakfast today was provided 100% by webcam donations! Thanks! Big thanks to Jeepers for your donation to help with Snooglies. We've ordered your plaque for the Tree of Giving. I appreciate it. A big thanks to to Wal-Mart and Pat (our volunteer). For every 25 hours that she volunteers here, the rescue center receives $250 from Wal-Mart. Remember that we collect aluminum cans. So, if you're from this area and have aluminum cans, we'll take them! You can drop them off on the left side of the parking lot. Many thanks to Susan G for the wonderful Royal Canin Dry Babycat Food. It's wonderful, the little kittens love it. Also thanks to ClassyCat for the Cat Treat Maze--we fill it with treats and they play with it while they figure out how to get the treats! What fun! Cabana's abscess on her jaw is doing better. Cabana and Nebraska are now in June's Room and are enjoying it. Tasco is spending more and more spending time in the Rescue Center. So far, so good, he's using the litter box! Someone asked me today how long we've been doing the rescue center and I told them since 1999. Then I was asked for how long I plan to do this. My answer was till I die (and remember, I've always said I think I'm going to live to be over 100!).The next question was what makes it possible for you and the volunteers to do this work? My answer was passion. It's wonderful to be driven by passion--it makes the goal of the rescue center fun, exciting and meaningful. And of course, the other part of that answer is the support we receive. I will always use 100% of the money and items donated to the rescue center in the best possible way to do the most amount of good. Thank you for being a part of this rescue center!


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