Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yesterday was a blessing to me.

Yesterday started out with our surgery day. Dr. Darci did 6 spays and 6 neuters. The kittens that were done were Dhana, Jolly, Rolly, Holly, Betz, Cessna, Weasley, Paullio, Erie, Remora, Pawsome and Hannah. At this moment, we are 100% neutered/spayed here in the rescue center! In addition to this, Dhana and Weasley received their rabies vaccine in preparation of their trip in January to Alaska. Merci and Sari also received a physical, which they both passed with flying colors. The reason they needed a physical is their last one was quite some time ago. Dr. Darci also checked out Kurt William. It is thought that his neck sore condition is feline idiopathic ulcerative dermtosis. This sore that has been a problem is unrelated to his amputation (idiopathic simply means "without a known cause"). So...we are left with not knowing WHY this happens. There are several options for treatment, but it's also a possibility that he may always need to wear his collar. By the way, our vet was impressed with the collar that we made for Kurt William! Lets the air in and keeps the claws off! We have started the most common form of treatment for this and have high hopes that it will help. Time will tell. All the surgeries went very well. Last night they were all running around like nothing had happened!

Next, Steve and I went to Fort Wayne to celebrate one of our girls' birthday. Christy, Mike, Caryn, Chad, all 3 girls, Steve and I had a late lunch together. What a joy! Then, we made our way back to Defiance.

I knew I was suppose to be back at 5:00 sharp for a Ustream event. I was so surprised to see what awaited me. I had to walk in with my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw presents for the rescue center everywhere and I mean everywhere from the web cam viewers. There were also some wonderful volunteers and web cammers here. It's rare that I'm speechless, but I truly didn't know what to say. It took me quite a while and asking questions until I understood what all had happened! It took 3 hours to open all the gifts. Unbelievable! There were also gifts for Kurt, Steve, Stacey, myself, grand-kids and volunteers! One thing my parents instilled in me was to always say thank you. I was so overwhelmed and I asked if someone could write down names so I could write everyone a thank you. I was told that the web cammers said they did not need me to do that. How so very nice and thoughtful. But, I do want to say thank you here. There are so many web cam sites on Ustream. I can sincerely say that I believe this rescue center has the most compassionate and supportive people in the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and support that was shown yesterday. I felt like I was completely surrounded by your presence last night. I love this rescue center with a passion and am happy to share it with you all. I hope you find as much joy in watching it as it gives me. Please know each and every one of you have been cam-hugged! I have always loved this saying: "Be grateful, truly grateful for those good friends or thoughtful people." Please know that I am indeed very grateful to you all.


Bonus Blog a.k.a. I forgot to post Saturdays blog!

Since this will be a very busy day here at the rescue center, due to surgeries this morning, this blog will be short. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on how all the surgeries went and an update on Kurt William, Merci's physical and a check on Sari's upper respiratory issues. The 2 new cats Paullio and Remora are adjusting. Remora is ready to cruise and Paullio is much better this morning. We had 2,499 views last week in PetFinders! Tasco, Badu, Anony, Wiggles and Emaline are the top 5 that were looked at.

I want to give our thanks to all the box giving people
  • BubblesLaDoo: box of litter, post it notes, a case of Fancy Feast
  • Robin H/from GA/mschisan:a letter for Putter (hilarious!), card for center/chatters, donation from Boomer, Kid's artwork for Hannah, card and toy crafts for Hannah
  • Cicily and Ron R: card for the center, Steve and Jacci, donation for shipping fees, card and box for Hannah
  • Jennifer S from VA /caseymot: a tin of yummy homemade ginger sugar cookies, pics of pets, Friskies and Skitter critters mice
  • Beverly G: Swiss Colony Gift Box of petit fours, nut mix and butter toffee
  • Buddybo: 2 cat dancers, kitty pics, card for Hannah, postcard of Jacksonville, NC, card for FFRC volunteers

Card for Jacci and Steve from Neil and AnnaMarie

Hannah cards: Kathy G from MI, Lori W from MA, Forcip from TX, Spangler from OH, Mama3cat from CO (We have now received 100 cards for Hannah--absolutely astounding to me!)

Cards for the center:
Gladys N, Mark and Stephanie (wldfire7), Hannah Grace and Tumbleweed (w/pictures of pets) from TX, loubeth12 from MA (w/pet pictures), Dawn with donation and picture, Spangler Family with pics of pets including Tookie (franklincats) from OH, The Manleys, Troubles, Minky and Pringle from OH, Gregg (volunteer), Cathy (cato8801) and Binks from MI

Denae's impression of me forgetting Saturdays blog.

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