Sunday, December 4, 2011

More kittens on hold.

I have come to realize that I could be 5 times faster on the computer (and more accurate) if I didn't have 10 kittens playing with my fingers while typing! For every sentence I write, it takes 10 backspaces to fix the spelling the kittens want me to use. One day, I'm just going to let the cats and kittens do the post so you can see what I'm talking about! I love them to pieces. They certainly teach me how to be more patient! I tried squeezing some of these "helpful" kitties thru the cam so the webcam viewers could kittysit them while I'm working, but they wouldn't fit. Oh well, I still love them! We now have a hold on Cessna. We'll know more on Monday. Praline is also on hold with a possibility of another friend going with her too. We've also been holding Claudius with an adoption on Monday pending for him. I've heard from Happy and Bumble Bee's new family and all is well there. Paul says June's Room is 98% done! The new fiber walls and trim is done. Just painting and caulking is all that is left to be done. Sari is getting braver and is cruising a little more each day out of her pen. She absolutely loves catnip toys--acts like a kitten with it.

We had boxes last night.....oh, how we love those boxes!
Icemaiden/Linda T--a rolling toy with wood balls in it (the kittens love it), a turbo track and Zaney catnip mice.
Hummerfan, GweenCooper & Veruca--lots of pillowcases, paper/stationary and post-its
Mike Chamberlin--2 of his CD's--a Christmas one and his Storyteller CD.
anonymous--crinkle and toss catnip papers

Gemini & her mom--Christmas cards for volunteers, Stacey, and all
Michlynn--a greeting card that has a black cat on it that changes when the card is moved

Gemini--from Long Island

We also received a couple more cards for Hannah. Thanks for helping with this fun Christmas project. Any card sent for her, remember to put Hannah on the envelope somewhere.

Thanks too all for your donations. You truly make a huge difference for us. Mike Chamberlin is the one that will do our concert on Sept. 15, 2010. The night before is when he'll do the concert for the webcam viewers. He sent us 2 CD's to listen to--they're really wonderful!

Please continue to vote for us. The last day to vote is 12/18 with the results posted on 12/121. We started in first place and have stayed there. Please help us carry this thru to the finish! The winnings on this is $5,000 which we can put towards a badly needed new floor for the main area and all 4 side rooms. Thank you so much.

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