Friday, December 2, 2011

Merci is back with us

With much sadness, the lady who adopted Merci had to bring her back. Her other cat has developed a liking for bullying Merci to the point where she no longer was happy. Her new mama loves her so much, but knew it wasn't right to subject her to this. So...our girl is back. She spent the night in Dodger's Pen but is now out and about already. This is the purpose of our contract. I always tell each person that is adopting that if for whatever reason and whether it's 2 days or 20 years, if they no longer can keep one of our FFRC cats, that it must be returned to us. So even though we hope each adoption is forever, we have that safety net, knowing we will get them back if they no longer can stay. I checked Bella's "bottom area" thoroughly yesterday. Her stump looks terrific. Buscha and Chaplin have become quite good friends. Erie is picking up weight and his sore leg is improving. If anyone wants a big boy cat that is quiet but loves to be petted, County is the cat for them. On the same thought, if you're looking for a cat that will be a computer companion, that would be Adora. She loves to be in a lap while working at the computer or on the paperwork. Sari's pen door is open as of this morning. We'll let her decide when she's ready to come out. She loves to be petted. One of Punkin's favorite things to do is to fall over in front of you and show his tummy! He loves bellyrubs.

The blog had a few kinks in it the other day and one of our messages was deleted that I would like to repeat. For your consideration: Please remember, that the chat box is clearly and largely visible in the rescue center for all to see (volunteers, visitors, etc.) Anything that is written on the chat can be read by all here. Be considerate so feelings are not hurt. I consistently get e-mails from people telling me how much they enjoy our FFRC chat, that it's a group of caring and friendly people. Makes me glad that we have the chat. Thanks for helping us keep the chat so all can read it.

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