Monday, December 5, 2011

Claudius went to his new home!

Claudius left for her new home this morning. I think both the family and Claudius are going to be very happy! We also now have a hold on Shasta too. Ada Jane has decided that she's a spring chicken--she's been climbing up high and doing just fine. She's taken to taking her naps in the upper beds. Birka continues to jump on everyone's shoulders. She's quite comfortable doing this and will drape herself around both shoulders and hunker down. The problem is sometimes she jumps out of no where and suddenly have a cat around your shoulders! County has been playing still with the kittens--he has such a big heart. He's so hoping to get his own home soon. County loves to be petted and receive neck rubs. Last night I was watching Weasley play and all of a sudden, Dhana come running up, jumped straight into the air and landed on top of Weasley. Let the fun begin--they played hard for 10 minutes before they fell asleep. Gonzo loves Chia. They've become good friends and play together with those feather toys. Telo has a favorite kind of toy--plastic rings and plastic pop tops. If you drop one of them on the floor and he hears the cling of it, Telo will come running. He'll play fetch for a long time! All is well here--a happy, healthy rescue. We are so grateful for this! For the time being, we've had to move the main webcam computer back to the desktop. Our laptop that has been running it for a couple months died this morning. That means that we won't be able to chat live with you--with us talking directly to you right now. Actually, we can talk to you, but we won't be able to read the chat and respond back to you. I think most of us have really enjoyed that!

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