Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cookie Day!

Good day to everyone. This post will be rather short as it's a family Christmas cookie/candy making day! The house will be covered in sugar, sprinkles and flour by the time we're done, but we'll have a lot of fun doing it. All my big kids and grand-kids will be here. Erie is doing better and is also eating better. His fracture will heal, slow but sure and strong. Little Hannah is also doing good. She's so little, but her tummy is nice and round. The 3 goldies, Holly, Jolly and Rolly (all rhyming) are awesome. They're so funny; if they're not eating, they are on their new hammock. They even play on it! They will be out and about on Sunday. Just got word yesterday that the computer system that was ordered (by the web cam viewer's fund raising) will be here Monday! Way earlier than was anticipated. Temporarily we're using Kurt's old laptop so we can see the video and chat in the rescue center again. Some of us here have a surprise for all the web cam viewers! Hint: It will happen late Wednesday afternoon.

We had boxes last night! We're ever so grateful for your support.
  • Linda M, Cloria C and Margaret G and 2 pets named Lucy and Jonny: Fancy feast, Whisker Lickins treats, Clorox wipes, copy paper, dog treats, canned chicken, toys, reflective safety jacket for dog, stockings of toys, sticky notes, decorations, photo frame, pet gift set with blanket and frame, TLC candy treats for volunteers, and a big card from Lucy and Jonny
  • Andrew/alodk: case of Chicken soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul
  • gossamer: case of fancy feast

Cards for Hannah:
  • Anonymous
  • Dr. and Mrs. D: Australia
  • Pat and Jay K: Georgia
  • ABQCat: New Mexico
  • Matt and Jane D: Florida
  • Mr. and Mrs. C.H.: Indiana
  • Amy B: Mich
  • Barry, Lori, Walter and Petey P: Iowa
  • Pam and Paula: Georgia

Christmas cards:
  • Barbara and Titans
  • Norman, Jean and Wendy
  • Barry, Lori, Walter and Petey P
  • Pam and Paula
  • Iffet (and donation)

  • Sarah Grace: Alfred, NY

"Did you say COOKIES?!" -Merci

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