Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're still so excited and happy about the rescue center winning the $5,000 from The Animal Rescue Site. We had a wonderful day yesterday. First, the big news about us winning, then we had lots of boxes and we had 3 adoptions yesterday! Warren, our handsome black/white boy left in the morning. We've already heard from the family and all is well and happy. Warren is adjusting beautifully to his new home. In the evening, Remo and Erie went to their new home together--to Bill and Angie (volunteers). I understand that the webcammers "harassed" Bill on the chat 2 nights ago about adopting a kitten! So, when he came last night, he had Sheriff Putter ready to do some webcam arrests. But at the last minute, Bill decided to withdraw the charges and Sheriff Putter said he wouldn't arrest anyone! Bill and Angie ended up with adopting 2 kittens--Remo and Erie. What fun! We've already heard back from these 2 kittens too--they're scurrying around their new home and are happy. I also received an e-mail from Betz's mom--she said Betz is sweet and doing great. Raina is now out and about, she's adjusting fairly quickly. We've got all her mats out, still working on a good thorough brush out. The people that helped yesterday were Stacey, Mary E, Sigrid, Gregg, Judy E and Pam. Kurt has been busy working on updating the website.

We had boxes last night! Big thanks for these gifts. We so appreciate your support.

  • Peekabookitty--4 giant boxes of kitty litter
  • Julie from MA--huge box that had volunteer treats, banana bread, post it notes, sardines (the cats and I will share!), 4 SPCA blankets, greens for the cats (Carrie will grow them & bring back), tshirt that says "cat whisperer", baby food meat, dog treats, cube for kitties, Christmas card, poptabs for Kellen, Lots of cat treats, catnip, a book called "I Will See You in Heaven", treasure cookies (homemade), WalMart gift card for Magenta, WalMart card for FFRC and stamps.
  • Madisonpepper & catgirls--Lots of appetizers for Kitty City gang (especially Anony) and the other FFRC cats, a Love grooming Glove,
  • Casey & Skeeter from FL--card, sponges, post it notes, styrofoam plates, cat treats, Mr. Clean magic sponges, trash bags, white-out, q-tips, clorox wipes, Purina One dry food, ream of paper
  • Dorothy & Tony and Gang of Seven and a stray (Wacats)-sent 3 groomer combs/brushes for FFRC, Paul and Gregg
  • Elisa K/Pampapupu in Finland--a 2012 Finnish calendar with postie notes showing the cats name and story for each month (she translated to English), a card to support their animal rescue society, notecards with sayings from Farrah, Cyrilla & Putter.

Christmas cards:
Robin D in OH and cats Lilo, Robin, Jim (Robin134) with a donation, Tom & Barb C with a donation, Clarice G in MI for Putter, First Pres. Children's Vacation Bible School with a donation, from Claice G in MI with a donation in memory of Mr. Purr, Pet Supply Plus with a donation

Card: Thanks to Cynthia & Markus N/Bubblesladoo in WA for your donation. Hugs to your Scottish Fold cat.
LaRae sent a card for Uncle Eric which will be delivered today.
Robert S in FL--card for Hannah


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