Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas tree goes up... and down.

We had a lot of fun here yesterday afternoon! We surprised all the web cam viewers with decorating a Christmas tree off cam, then presenting it to them! We started at 4:00, had cam back on at 4:30 and the tree was dissembled at 7:30!! The reason, you ask?! The cats had a ball playing with the tree--it was, of course, their own personal fun station! When we took it down, I counted 9 branches already off and 27 ornaments! But, that's ok! It was meant to show the cam viewers some Christmas fun and the cats certainly did enjoy it too. Jeepers was the first to be inside the tree, followed by many of them. Then we sported Christmas hats on different cats. The cats made me give them extra treats later for making them participate in the hat wearing! Hope you all enjoyed it! The people who helped us yesterday in the rescue center were: Mary E, Diane, Gregg, Stacey, Judy E, and Pam. When Dr. Darci is here on Saturday, she'll be also looking at Kurt Williams shoulder area that he keeps reopening. She might have an idea about it. Zelda loves to follow the mop; it slows us down while mopping, but we don't mind. Putter has actually been seen following a long string dragging from the mop! Erie's healing continues. There is a remarkable difference in the last couple days. This morning 6 cats were squished together watching birds out of one of the windows. Sari is becoming very comfortable now in the rescue center. She's such a pretty girl and is a joy.

Computer update: the new computer system is up and running. Kurt did an awesome job setting up everything. 100% of the cost of this new system came from you, our viwers. Thank you ever so much.

We also had boxes last night! From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for your support.
  • TinksDad: 3 cases of Fancy Feast
  • Anonymous: bag of Purina One Kitten food, 1 case of Fancy Feast
  • Linda/mis9690: 6 cases of baby food
  • Donna/cat-toys: card, Bad Kittie book, Teddy bear animal figurine

Cards for Hannah: cat-toys, Kiwi in New Zealand, Gloria C in MI, Barbara E from WI, Bitsy R from GE, Anonymous from Canada, Audrey G from NC, Betz in PA, Cheryl L from WA

Christmas Cards for FFRC:
Betz in PA (with donation), Amy & Jobo (JoboLove), Dette (with Paw Points), Tonya B/dutch, Mary B/mamie, Seilky & Blue, Teresa T (tweet2742) from PA, Barbara E/burbaroni, Gloria C/siamesemich, Cheryl L/cherylann (with stamps) from WA

You all are wonderful. It's amazing to me, when I put something on a supply list, it seems to arrive soon in a box! I am also astounded by how many have sent cards to Hanna. Her mom is sending an updated picture of Hannah which I will share upon it's arrival. She is so very excited about her upcoming box arrival! To date, we have 72 cards--simply amazing! We have been putting up every card that arrives here for the rescue center in the "hall of cards". It looks great!

"Thank you to all those people in my life who changed it for the better by a word, a gift, an example.” (Pam Brown)


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