Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday, December 27

Remora went to her new home! So happy for her. Her new dad was very excited about bringing her home.Jolly also went to her new home on Christmas day. She was a Christmas present to a couple that has lots of time to give her. We've heard from so manyof the recently adopted cats and kittens and all are doing great. Judy S. is back with us and we're all smiling about that. She's doing a major groom on all the long hairs--that's her specialty! Jen C is also here to help today and this evening will be Martha L, Brenda, Caity and Dorothy. It's snowing! It's a wet snow, but just enough to cover the grass a little. Very pretty. Grominique, Hettie and Derby have been watching the snow from the window ledge. Bella has reclaimed her bathing time with the kittens--she's been busily grooming them all morning. Wiffin is doing great--he acts lie he was never gone--he just fit right in again. Punkin and Tweeny have been chasing each other around and around the cat furniture! Haskins and Paullie are good friends. They seem to find each other when it's naptime. Sari and Magentta are both eating good. Loyal is doing good. He's out and about now but likes to spend most of his time in Kitty Campus Room.

All is fine here at the rescue center. Many of you know that we have spent 2 1/2 days working on the computers, securing all systems. Thanks to many people who have offered their help. We have made great progress. I'm learning a heap about computers and love it! (You know me, the uncomputer person is actually learning!)

A reminder: our new website is now registered under fofrescue.org It's a work in progress. It will be awesome! We also have a new e-mail address: fofrescue@gmail.com
If you'd like to see the new FFRC chatters facebook, that is: Friends of Felines Rescue Center's Webcam Viewers/Chatters Don't forget our regular FFRC's facebook too!

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful heartfelt support, especially these last few days. It means alot to me. We have awesome supporters, awesome volunteers and a great attitude!

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