Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow--2,453 Petfinder views last week

Last week, we had 2,453 visits in our PetFinder's to see our kitty and cats. Simply amazing. The top 5 were Tasco, Shasta, Anony, Cobbis and Dulcy. Merci has adjusted beautifully to being back. We've heard from the families that adopted Cobbis and Hudson. Both kitties are doing great and are happy. Kurt William and Tweeny always take their afternoon nap together--in the basket on the counter. Anony worried me this morning--he was again on his back, all 4 feet up in the air and sleeping so soundly that he didn't hear me. When I woke him up, he looked like "What you wake me up for--I was dreaming."! The 4 P kittens--Praline, Pilgrim, Plymouth and Punkin are such loverbugs. All 4 will give little kitty kisses. Buscha is so glad that her hemp pole is back up--she has made numerous trips up and down it.

We have a special thing that FFRC would like to invite you to participate in. There's a wonderful 9 year old girl who so loves watching the webcam. She has medical issues that keeps her at home. She connects to the outside world thru a computer and watches the FFRC webcam alot. To help brighten her Christmas we are collecting Christmas cards just for Hannah. If you would like to participate, send a card to the Rescue Center with Hannah's name on the outside of the envelope. We will collect these and send them in a package when it gets closer to Christmas. Beverley G made a beautiful Christmas Card bag that we will use to put Hannah's cards in.

We had boxes last night, actually we had LOTS of boxes!
Jo91150--6 boxes of litter (28 lbs. each)
Deb11111--4 boxes of litter (28 lbs. each)
Clarice G from MI--case of Clorox Wipes, 2 boxes of cat grooming wipes
Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
maddisonpepper--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous-1 case of Friskies, 4 cases of Whiskas, 1 case Friskies Sensations Pouches, 1 case
of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken

We also had packages last night.
Colleen(leenie50), Sampson & Delilah from Alaska--awesome catnip toys
Amanda & Katie (Kitkat & Angel)--letter & pictures, fishing toy
Azuremeow--catnip sardine toys

Cheryl Ann--Washington state
Kathy B--Dallas, Texas

Don & Kay K--donation and Christmas card
Andrea A--Christmas card

Thanks to everyone for your support of FFRC. Today when I chatted with the webcam viewers, there were people from many parts of the world. It's astounding how we have made so many friends thru our webcam. Thank you.

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