Friday, December 9, 2011

3 new kitties

Our 3 little orange kitties are now in Dodger's Pen. Such a joy they are, so happy and sweet. They'll probably stay in Dodger's pen for another day or two. We have names for the 3 new kittens! The girl is Holly and the 2 boys are Jolly and Rolly. We asked the kittens if they like these names and all 3 gave us a thumbs up! We received 2 cool hammocks last night that can hang in the Dodger's pen and the pen in Thumper's Room. They are big enough for a whole litter to lay in. Rolly, Jolly and Holly are already sleeping in their hammock. They love it! Yesterday we had Donna, Stacey, Paul, Pat, Christy and Kurt here to help. We also had visitors that came just to visit and pet/play with the kitties and cats. Yesterday was a very busy cam day for the rescue center. It was the biggest viewer day that we've ever had! Thanks to the viewers who have been with us awhile for passing on our website to the new viewers. I appreciate that. The Paddy is still on his world tour. Remember, after his 20th visit, he'll be returning to the rescue center. We'll put together his travel book notes and share with everyone! Little Hannah is now out and bout most of the time. We still put her back in a pen for nighttime since she's so small (don't want Tasco harassing her!). Bella's stump area continues to look wonderful. She sure can zoom at high speed when she wants to! I weighed Sari today, and she's gained 3 ounces already. She is just blossoming with all the attention. She, the 2 Paddys, Putter, Emaline and Twinkle get their eyes and faces washed twice a day. Most of the volunteers have a list with of cats that need grooming. This means each week, most cats get groomed at least 3 times weekly. The cats with long hair though are groomed daily.

We had boxes last night!
  • Anna/alodk from Denmark: 2 cases of fancy feast
  • Leilani, Petey and Lily: 5 bags of Iams Dry Hairball/weight control cat food
  • gossamer: turbo toy
  • napa123: 3 boxes of Mr. Clean Erasers, 1 case of paper towels, jumbo size
  • Delilah, Collen and Sampson: Christmas collars, 2 cases of fancy feast
  • Jillr27: 1 case of Friskies gravy sensation
  • sarasara and creampuff: letter, 5 lbs of pop tabs for Kellen, big bag of Reeses Pieces (!)
  • dewittycdw1: 2 awesome kitty hammock and toys
  • 2catsfromnj: collar and santa hat for Remo

Hannah cards:
  • cjcat
  • Kim K
  • Valerie H 
  • someone in Hudson OH
  • Joanne in AZ
  • Kelly R
  • Lisa and Rose from Iowa
  • Susan G from NH
  • Charlie and Kim

Christmas cards:
  • cjcat
  • Georganna and Greg
  • misbluewolf and Bumble and Squeaky
  • Lisa and Rose from Iowa
  • Susan G from NH

Letter and Donation: 
  • John from OH

Christmas Card and Donation: 
  • Eleanor F. from CT

  • olgrayMary
  • ad861
  • sillysticks and kitties
  • cjcat from Pittsburgh


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