Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tracer found his home

We had a wonderful adoption yesterday. A little girl and her mom were here trying to find a friend for the daughter. She picked Tracer and Tracer picked her. It should be great fun for both. We had a box to open last night from CathiB. She sent 2 boxes of Whiska packets. Thanks, CathiB! The cats really like these as they are extra juicy. Preakness is coming along, she's gaining weight. Today about half of the Sponsor a Pampered Pet from the Catathon's pictures will go out in the mail. Hopefully we'll have the other half by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience in receiving them. The pictures are awesome! Thanks to Kurt for taking and printing these pictures. I believe all the t-shirts that have been asked for have gone out in the mail. Please, if you have not received yours, e-mail me! I try very hard to keep things organized, but it's possible that I missed something. The man that is from the epoxy floor business was here yesterday. He feels he can remove the existing floor, diamond grind it and have the new epoxy floor be permanent. So, hopefully by the end of September we'll have the new floor in. The old floor is chipping badly and the cats have been picking at it also. Not a good thing. Ernestine and her 4 kittens Gonzo, Rizzo, Fozzy and Barbra are so sweet. You can tell they've been around people from the beginning of their lives. They still spend their nights in their room, but other than that, they're out and about. I love the picture of Bettina on the facebook showing her kittens nursing during the night. Her kittens are Cinnabon, Macallan, Happy, Hettie & Peach. Remember the grey mama and 3 kittens we sent down to Eric's for major TLC? Well,after many many hours of coaxing, talking, hands-on, this litter is still resisting the human touch. They are now spayed/neutered and vaccinations current. It's possible they may get to live on his friend's farm where they will be very well attended too, but they will have the freedom of not having to be made into a lap cat. Xubie continues to be very exuberant in her wanting affection! Such a loving kitten. Mitty, the calico mama with the short tail and her 4 kittens (Cobbis, Hudson, Gemini & Tookie) are still in Thumper's Room. They are not in a pen, but on the floor so they can run and play. Also very nice kittens. As soon as we can empty out either June's Room or Cat's Corner Room, we'll move this mama and litter to the main area. Buffin & Wiffin are dong awesome. Both are super affectionate. It's Wiffin that likes to "hang over edges", with his arms stretched out. He also likes to ride on shoulders.


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