Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kittens are out!

Kittens everywhere! They zoom, zag and zig!! We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle here as there are so many flying kittens! Even the Cat Go Round Wheel has been in high use. It's so interesting to watch cats as they play and communicate with each other. Just a few tidbits of info: if we have boxes to open, we generally open them around 6:30 in the evening with the sound on. We generally then leave the sound on for the entire night time, thru breakfast in the morning and then turn it off right before we use the shop vac. We had 3 boxes last night! Azuremeow sent cat treats, fancy feast (dry & can) & hand sanitizer. Azuremeow is from FL. Thank you! Theresa H. sent KMR, cat treats and some Kong incline scratching posts that will last us a few months! Thanks to Theresa also. Remember the water fountain that was sent to Ada Jane last week by Linda M, friend of Lilly's new adopted family? The cats LOVE it and Ada Jane has been sharing it with all her friends! We also received a box from Jennifer (Echosmomma). She sent 3 cases of Friskies! JLA brought goodies for the volunteers-so nice of her. We appreciate that! Twinkle ate a very good breakfast today. Kurt has been very busy with woodworking projects. Soon he'll be staining the catwalk rails and putting in new catwalks in the Kitty Campus Room. Yesterday the volunteers were Judy S., Peggy S., Jean & her friend Livia. Today the volunteers are Gregg & Connie D.


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