Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks to Iams and Patrick!

Iams is awesome! A representative, Patrick, of Iams delivered 2 tons of dry cat food to us yesterday. He even helped stack it into the food shed. Next week, they have 4 tons of dry kitten food for us. I am so very very grateful for this food. Mother Hubbard's cupboard will be full again! We truly were on our last bags of dry food supply. Isn't it wonderful how this all works out?! We use Iams/Eukaunuba here in the rescue center. I'm a big believer in good quality foods for the cats & kittens. Makes not only their fur shiny, but their skin is healthy as well. We also give out bags to go home with each adoption. We had a box to open last night. Sabrina T. Cat & Cantoncat sent a case of fancy feast, and 2 cases of friskies.Thanks to Sabrina and Cantoncat. Canton--I gave lots of hugs, as requested, to all the cats! What would we do without the webcam viewers support? I wouldn't want to know. You are what helps keep us going. As I type, Zelda is in my lap, again rubbing on my arms and face--just love her to pieces. And Asha, Kurt William, Putter, Cutie, Twinkle, oh the truth is...ALL of them! We also had an adoption yesterday! Our Couscous went to his new home. The couple that adopted him knew that he was "the one" the moment they held him. We've heard back from so many of the newly adopted cats/kittens this week. All seem to be adjusting quickly and fitting right in. People ask me this all the time--Don't you think the kittens and cats will miss the atmosphere here at the rescue center and would rather stay here? The answer to this is twofold. Yes, of course, they'll miss us, but they will soon become intertwined into their new family. Nothing takes the place of a true home. But for those that stay here permanently, they are quite happy to be here! The volunteers that will be helping today are Mary E., Gregg, Judy E. and Pam. Thanks so much to these wonderful people.


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