Thursday, August 11, 2011

JJ came in 2nd place!

JJ, a kitten that was adopted here 3 years ago and owned by Bill & Dawn Schmucker won 2nd place in the photo contest at The Animal Rescue Site! The prize is a $1,000 grant for FFRC! Dawn is a volunteer here, so FFRC sent a basket full of toys, treats and 2 woobies home with her yesterday for JJ. Thank you JJ! The temperature is cooler and the humidity is lower, so the cats and kittens are going crazy playing! We've been letting them out more in their outdoor enclosure since it's a bit cooler. There's 5 bird feeders and bird houses right outside their enclosure so they are greatly entertained. The sun is streaming in thru the door and there's 6 kittens sleeping in the sunshine strip. As you may know, my llama, Laura Lee, passed away yesterday. She died during the night sometime. She came here when she was 1 year old, and has been here for 13 years. She was the best llama ever--she never kicked or spit anyone and she loved peppermint breath! I will miss her and so will Clyde, her goat friend. We have boxes to open tonight, probably around 6:30. Our volunteers that will be helping us today are Connie G., Donna, Peggy and Pat. Lisa is here to help with farm chores. Cutie is sporting a new collar. It looks very nice on her. Subra is becoming the world's best lap kitten. I saw all 4 of Ernestine's kittens squished into the baby angel bed today.

Laura Lee
Laura Lee

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