Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iams delivery today!

We had Christmas here in August last night. We had lots of boxes! Cathi B from Texas sent a case of Whiskas pouches (the oldsters and Octavia's favorites). Bubba (Bill & Sharon) sent a treat for Einstein (my bird), doggie snacks, cat snacks, a beautiful plaque that says "Cats leave Paw-prints on our Hearts" and a homemade blanket that is wonderful. Bill & Sharon also sent homemade cookies! Thanks to Cathi, Bill & Sharon! We sure appreciate it. We have a special friend of the Rescue Center who periodically sends a large amount of goodies and yesterday was the day! Her name is Theresa H. from Fort Wayne, IN. She sent lots of Gerber baby meat, and the Rice cereal that we use in the formula. She also sent laundry detergent, bleach, trash bags and Q-tips. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to Theresa and ALL of you. You truly make a difference for us. These box donations help us to carry on with our work. We had visitors yesterday that wanted to come and pet/play/brush. We love visitors; this is what helps these kittens & cats be the sweeties that they are. We took in a gray mama cat with 3 gray kittens. They are a shy and unsure of people, but we're working on softening their attitude! They are in Thumper's Room for now. Latte', the torti that had to be returned, is 7 years old. She was originally adopted from us when she was a kitten. She's already back in the rescue center, walking about and seems to be comfortable. A very nice adult cat. The 2 newbie kittens, Yvette & Warren, are also out and about. They spent their first night loose in the Rescue Center. Even though they're siblings, their personalities are totally different! Love them both. Nova is trying to lose some weight, she's been more active. Our 2nd load of Iams is due to arrive today. Last week was dry cat food, today is dry kitten food. We're very grateful for their support. The volunteers today are Connie G, Donna, Peggy S and Pat. Lisa is helping with farm chores. Putter has the "Putter Stare" down to a science--he can convey his feelings to us by simply staring at us! Most of his stares means "Come pick me up and hold me NOW please"!

"Dis is mai Bella impersonation 'GRRR!'"

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