Friday, August 26, 2011

Even more new kittens...

The latest 3 kittens now have names! The littlest black/gold torti, female is Preakness. The brown tiger, male is Derby. The medium hair all black, male is Belmont. Belmont and Derby are cruising around big time, playing with all the toys and kittens. Preakness is lagging a bit, we're extra watching her. We had an adoption yesterday! Bumble Bee went to her new home. I do believe she will be one pampered pet--just how we like it! The new mama said she'll post a note in facebook for all to see. We had a visitor yesterday--Catlady, a web-cam viewer was here for the afternoon. I believe she loved on every kitty and cat here! She has a kitten on hold--Yvette. This will be a wonderful home for her. We also have another kitten on hold- Winken. I'm so happy for him and the family that will adopt him. This adoption will be Saturday morning. They've been here several times searching for a kitten for their home. Winken pretty much "told" them that he was the one--would not let them alone, kept patting them and wanting to be held. So sweet. We also took in 5 new cats just this morning. Someone dropped off a mama with 4 kittens in a box. We truly receive between 20-30 calls daily to take in more cats & kittens. It is impossible for one no-kill rescue to meet the needs of this many cats. Please, everyone, reach out and spay or neuter a cat, even if it's a stray. It would make a huge difference in this cat overpopulation problem. Due to space and finances, we cannot take on more than our 110 maximum number. Each incoming cat or kitten will cost the rescue center a minimum of $200-$250. There is no way we can adopt our way out of this overpopulation of cats, it must be thru spaying/neutering. We had boxes to open last night--always a highlight of our day. Gemini sent 6 sheets of stamps--we sure appreciate that. We have a big volume of mail, so these will be used. CathiB12 sent 4 cases of Whiskas cat pouch food, in memory of her Tookie. Thank you CathiB. All the food that we've used this week has ALL been donated by webcam viewers! An annonymous donor sent Friskies packets, post-it notes and Fancy Feast. If you sent this, please feel free to e-mail me so I can thank you. We appreciate your donation. Blue sent more blubies--she's a whiz at making these. They are great--so pretty plus they wash/dry so nicely. Thanks Blue. Today our cat condo is to arrive. Remember, the first one we had to send back due to damage. Hope this one is in good condition upon arrival. We also have a person coming this afternoon to help us with the floor in the office. We're having quite a bit of trouble with it peeling up. He'll give us advice as to what to do.

So many of you know my granddaughter Kellen, Caryn's daughter. She will again be going to CHOP--Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Mary2u & Kittykam are going to be there for Caryn, which I so much appreciate. They'll be there from Sept. 5 to 16. If any of you would like to keep track of Kellen's daily adventures while she's there, the website is Click on Visit a Website and enter in "kellenfaith" and it'll take you there.

Asha and Gonzo
Asha and Gonzo

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