Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Newbies

This place just zips with activity. The kittens are a moving mass of energy! Whoever said that cats and kittens sleep 18 hours a day hasn't visited the Rescue Center! The kittens love to get into Patience's Pen and Dodger's Pen and bounce off the walls while tackling each other. Leotie was seen this morning inside one of the plastic jug containers, all curled up into a "poured in" position. Buscha's eye is better from her accident yesterday, it's just a little red still. Farrah had another major seizure yesterday and again fell from above Dodgers pen. She cut her tongue this time. We have decided to start her on her medication as I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself with these falls. Last night was a flop getting her meds into her. One lick of the cheese/pill mix and she took off running. Took a while to find her, then tried the baby food/pill mix. Again, one sniff and off she went. So, this morning I tried it again, and she gobbled it right up. It will take a couple weeks to get her PB (phenobarbital) level up to where we want it. We'll take this day to day and see what success we have. The 3 newbie kittens that have been in Thumper's Room are now moved into the main area. They are in Cat's Corner Room for now. They will be named later today. One is a girl torti, a medium hair black boy and a brown tiger boy. All 3 are sweet and purring kittens. We had boxes yesterday! I'm so grateful for the box deliveries, it truly helps us stay afloat here. Annamarie sent 3 boxes of Earthbath all natural grooming wipes. These are so nice. We use them to clean ears, noses, eyes, chins, etc. So easy to use and does a good job! Thanks, Annamarie. Another box was from Clarice from MI. She sent a case of baby can food and a case of oldster can food. Thanks so much!! Badu has the most interesting meow--very elongated sounds. Selby is a loverbug--so sweet, loves to be cuddled. Kiara caught 3 syringes yesterday!

Gonzo and Barbra
Gonzo and Barbra

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