Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Octavia had a bonito filled birthday!

We had another adoption yesterday! Our big boy Bubba was adopted. I think he's going to be an awesome cat, especially after he finally gets that feeling of belonging. He's had a few rough weeks it seems, but he's really a wonderful cat. Badu, the Ragdoll, is now out and about. She too has had a lot of changes in a very short amount of time. She's settling in better each day. A beautiful cat. The brown tiger adult cat that came in Friday night is a super sweet boy. He's recovered from his neutering and we are working daily with his eye, trying to save it. We will know more in about a week how the eye will be. He's a purring machine! We had 2 boxes to open yesterday! One was from Joanne H., who sent some really fun toys! 3 fur balls, a kicker toy & a Kong 2 pack mouse/catnip toys! Fun stuff! Blue also sent some more Bloobies. Blue has been crocheting like crazy! We love these bed/cushy covers. So beautiful. Thanks too to Mitty for providing some of the needed yarn. Very nice! It was Octavia's 2nd birthday yesterday. It was celebrated by lots of Bonito flakes and kitty treats. Octavia even got to eat right out of the Bonito flake container--definitely one of her favorite treats. Plus, Connie D. left some packages out for Octavia to find! Bettina's kittens are out and about most of the time now, still gong into a room for nighttime. The Muppet kittens get their first vaccines today, so won't be long until they're also cruising about. Zelda's 2 wounds are healing nicely. Let me know if you're interested in a 2012 calendar ($20, plus $3 for shipping) or a DVD of the Catathon ($10, includes shipping). You can pay by check or Paypal. I've sent alot of things out the last 2-3 weeks. If there is something that I've overlooked and you haven't received something that you should've by now, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at friendsoffelinesrc@gmail.com


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