Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was a day that we just had to laugh about. Between the garbage truck pulling the internet cable down, the dog's room light decided not to work, an extra sewer line had to be dug, the inside washer not being able to be used until a new drainage pipe is dug, the eve spout had to be rerouted due to the new sewer line, the stinky sewer tank stunk to high heavens when it was destroyed and the wrong color of quartz was delivered for the floor, it was decided we better laugh instead of cry! Plus it was Paul's birthday so we had cake and a fun time watching him open his envelopes. He also got a major sliver yesterday so we had to perform surgery on his hand! Today the floor gets started, the new line for the inside washer gets dug and the cable line is suppose to get fixed. Also the possibility of an adoption. Keeps life interesting!

We had boxes last night!
Jeff donated items in memory of his Caryl: Catnip toy flippers, Royal canin Dry babycat food, q-tips & a baby fur brush
Bonnie P from CA donated: friskies senior cans, 2 cases baby food, friskies case & 6 bags of dry food
G Girl & Paul W: baby food

Putter's tail looks good today, we did a final soak & clean on it. Bella has been out a little bit more again today. Her incision is looking good! Dolcy, Weasley, Nuki, Dhana & Chelan are all super sweet babies. This week while the main computer and my good laptop are unusable to me, please be patient with e-mails. I may not be able to reply right away. We're still #1--thanks a bunch for your votes!


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