Thursday, October 20, 2011

We have angel anonymous donors!

What a day of events we had yesterday! First to arrive was a UPS envelope. Upon opening it, I found two $350 Lowe's gift cards, with a note that they were for a new washer! We have been coaxing our current washer every day to keep on working. I was thrilled, extremely surprised and grateful! It was signed Anonymous Donor. Then we had an adoption. Our Merci that has been with us for 11 months, got her very own home. I've already heard from them and it sounds like she's already adjusting. These 2 events were so awesome. Then we received 2 boxes for evening box time. In the afternoon, a truck pulled up into the driveway. I just happened to be outside and a man walked up and handed me an envelope, then turned and left. I looked at the white envelope and it said "Please open with Boxes-thank you". It was added to the evening box items. We first opened the 2 boxes. One was from an anonymous donor and contained 32 cans of Friskies! We sure do appreciate that. The 2nd box was from nikkaross, a web cam friend. She sent 2 cases of baby food, a case of Whiskas packets and a Catnip filled banana toy (which the cats have already drooled on big time)! Thanks so much nikkaross. We're looking forward to your visit on Saturday. Also want to say thanks to Susan G. from NH. She sent a UPS for the web cam computer. Now, when we lose electricity here, the cam will stay on. (Thanks Susan! I will hook it up at the end of next week. We have to move all the computer equipment out of the office since they will be resurfacing the floor, and when I set everything back up I will incorporate the UPS -Kurt) We appreciate this. Bella also received 2 more cards! They are all hanging up in her room.

Next to open was the white envelope. The contents of this totally blew me away. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. So, first, I went into the house to show Steve and to compose myself. Then showed it to the web cammers. It contained 2 more Lowe's gift cards, each for $500. The enclosed note said: "Please add these gift cards to the other 2 you received today to purchase a new washer and dryer for the center. Signed, Anonymous' Husband". How totally unselfish and amazing this is. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am deeply grateful. Steve and I are going to Lowe's today to check out the washers and dryers. This next pair will be an industrial grade.

All is fine here. Kittens are growing, are ornery and fun! Bella is doing great. She loves her 3 little charges and takes good care of them. Good for the kittens and good for Bella.


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