Thursday, October 27, 2011

Floor work half done!

The work on the floor continues. It has now received 2 layers of quartz and this morning received it's 4th and final coat of epoxy. It should be a very tough, durable floor. Sometime Saturday we will be able to move things back in. Bella is now allowed to have free choice of where she goes and when. We will continue to monitor her activity though, just to keep an eye on the stump area. So far, so good! Nov. 4th is our next day at Elder-Beerman. This is when we promote the Rescue Center and sell tickets for their big Community Day. This benefits the rescue center and the store. Today begins a new schedule for CJ. We will start moving her about a little more, coaxing her to broaden her perimeter of comfort. We will bring her out of her pen and put her on a cushy, helping her to relax in a different surrounding. Her pen door will remain open in case she feels the need to go back in. Cobbis loves to dive into the empty pop cartons and lay in wait of another passing kitten. Chelan is super busy--she's got the entire rescue center all figured out already. Twinkle has gained a few more ounces and looks terrific, and she loves to be held. Derby has been playing with the little kittens already this morning and is enjoying their silliness. Tweeny loves playing with Dunakin--they've become good friends. The triplets (Cassi, Chia & Claudius) are so pretty and super sweet. The new washer/dryer are still fantastic! Picasso enjoys sitting beside Putter and Putter doesn't seem to mind! We had boxes last night to open. We always love this.

Susan G: 3 pack of those awesome catnip banana toys
Gossamer: 32 pack of Friskies & a case of Whiskas pouches
Stinkypeep: 6 handmade colorful catnip birds and Halloween pins for everyone
Blue: an assortment of Halloween blubies and round ones too for cat beds

Thanks for your support. You ALL are an important part of what we do here at the Rescue Center. You make a difference for us. Please remember to vote!


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