Sunday, October 30, 2011

Floor work is done!

It sure has been a busy week! The floor in the office and new addition is completely done, and the walls, shelves, and floors have been cleaned. It took us quite a while yesterday, but we finally got all the rooms rearranged and the furniture is back in place. We had quite a bit of help and would like to give a big thanks to all those involved. After all was done and the door opened, Octavia was the first one out on the new floor. We also had some special visitors yesterday. Sillysticks and a friend were here to see the rescue center again. They had a 4 hour drive to get here. Also we had Lovemypetz and family here. Yesterdays volunteers were Stacey, Judy S., Dawn S., Martha L, Becky and Sigrid, We have had two successful days in moving cj about to different areas. I believe she's becoming more comfortable with this. Today she was out in the office for 40 minutes before she "needed" to go back into her safety zone of her pen. So...she's progressing! Weasley is eating great now and so loves his Bella! Kurt has been very busy working in Kitty City, working on the cat walks. When the cat's cove cats come up to Kitty City for the winter, they are going to love it! Fun shelves and so much warmer this winter.

We had boxes! Thank you very much for the items sent.
  • Sandra B: straight forceps, curved forceps, stethoscope, very small scissors, bandage scissors--love these
  • Elaine and Willis J: fancy feast appetizers for Bella and her friends & Halloween snacks for the volunteers
  • Tom P.: cat treats and a giant marshmallow bed!
  • Cathi B.: fish & chicken Whiskas & lots of can goods for the cats!
  • Gossamer: a 32 box of Friskies.
  • Linda L.: Friskies pate, box of 32
  • Jatcat: a backup USB drive for the office computer.
  • Susan: a UPS for the office computer.

Many thanks to you all for your support! It's dearly appreciated. Bella loves that new huge marshmallow bed. And she isn't going to share it except with the babies! Yesterday I believe she must have been in it for at least 18 hours! Nuki was "lost" yesterday. We could not find her. Late afternoon we finally found her in the food closet (she crawled in under the door) and was so warm, sleepy and sweet. She wasn't worried abut her disappearance at all. Chelan and Dhana are wonderful and they have discovered that Emaline makes a good mama. Both Amera and Adora are doing great. Both are so loving. Good news, we have sold all 275 calendars! The money from this fundraiser goes 100% for our medical needs. A huge thanks to Kate for all her hard work.


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