Thursday, October 20, 2011

Washer/Dryer update

Steve & I just came back from Lowe's. We had success! We have purchased a commercial grade Maytag washer and dryer! This is pretty cool: With a 5 year full warranty, and the washer & dryer, the bill came to $1,717. The gift cards came to $1700. Isn't that wonderful? I had also went to the post office (per advise of a web cammer) and picked up a moving info envelope that had a 10% off our total! The original bill would've been $1898, so we saved quite a bit! In addition to our Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous gift cards, we had 2 other people donate $100 each for the washer/dryer. They are Sigrig (a volunteer) and Rodney O. from Venezuela. Since the gift cards covered the washer/dryer, with permission from Sigrid and Rodney, we could use that for some other much needed supplies from Lowe's. Linda T. (another volunteer) also donated a $10 gift card. So, this $210 will go along way in helping with supplies!

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