Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Busy Saturday Morning

We had a LOT of action here yesterday. The wonderful washer and dryer arrived and they are awesome! They work beautifully and we are so grateful to have them. Thank you again Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous. The volunteers also appreciate it. Bella's sutures came out yesterday morning. She was very good about letting me do this. She also got to spend 10 minutes today outside of her room. Most of that 10 minutes, she spent on her new red marshmallow bed! She loves that bed. We are going to take it slow, letting her out of her room just a little bit at a time, to make sure that this area toughens up before letting her out full time. Her 3 little kitten fiends are also doing great. Weasley is finally gaining weight. Bella received a couple more cards yesterday too. Brad also brought back the cats' tree climbing pole with the paddles on. It has all new cedar paddles which are about 2 inches wider each. The hemp rope is also new as the old was completely worn out. The cats are glad to have that back--their main source to climb and get up on some of the upper cat walks. Kurt is working on some of the shelves now for Kitty City. When this is done, I'm sure he'll post pics up on his Flickr account to show you the new inside of the City. Nikkaross (Sherry) was here all afternoon/evening to visit the rescue center! She will also be back today. It's wonderful to be able to meet some of the web cam viewers! We received a donation from Betz57 to purchase food for the baby kitties and something fun. We also received a donation from cj cat to go towards cj (the cat's) care. Cj is doing so much better--actually has a little tummy on her now and is getting a little more brave about coming out of her pen. Hudson and Cobbis have found a new pastime--playing, splashing and getting into the water bowls. I have seen them do this for no less than 10 minutes at a time! Kurt William's neck remains great, as long as we keep his plastic canvas collar on. Ohiopeepers made him a few spares. When I went out to get the Sunday morning paper, I carried Putter out with me--he seemed to like that "walk" a lot. We took in 2 new sweet kittens yesterday (is there any other kind?!) They were found in the middle of a yard, all cold, shivering and full of fleas. They are now warm, flea free and playing like crazy. One is a calico, one is a black with starburst-like highlights around her eyes. Both are females, around 6 weeks old. The calico is Chelan (named by Bella) and the black is Dhana, pronounced Donna (named by Gusti). Both Bella and Gusti are webcam friends. We're still in #1 position! Thanks so much for your votes! KEEP VOTING PLEASE!

Cuddle Puddle
Cuddle Puddle

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