Monday, October 31, 2011

Morning surprises.

We had 2 adoptions on Sunday! Selby went to a home with a little boy. I think Selby will be a great cat for this little fella. Also our Cabbage boy was adopted! I hand delivered him and when I left he was already napping on the couch! The 3 kittens that Jodi fostered went home with her yesterday for an overnight stay but are back already this morning. We found 4 young kittens in the front yard early this morning. Actually it was Kurt William that alerted me. I saw him on the catwalk looking out the window with great interest--ears and whiskers alert! When I went outside (in the dark) they all 4 come running to me. So sweet and friendly. They've already been tested and are negative. We have 2 calico and 2 tiger/torti. Of course, all are girls. Names will be given soon. We also have had a cat returned to us. The family adopted him as a little kitten 5 years ago, but are moving and cannot take him. His name is Tugger, he was born here, he has long beige fur and seems to be enjoying himself already. He's in Dodger's Pen and will soon be out and about. Thanks for your votes--we gained a few points over the weekend! I appreciate your support.

"Be sure to get my good side" -Hudson

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