Friday, April 15, 2011


Putter will be VERY disappointed if you don't remember to vote every day!
(He will only be slightly less disappointed if you don't get your friends to vote too!)

If you have a lap to share, JatKat would love it! She's silly, energetic, loves to climb and loves to lounge on a lap. A super fun girl. I always say when we have cats with 3 legs or 1 eye that these cats are NOT handicapped. They are awesome creatures that adjust to life beautifully. Just ask JatKat! Grommit's tail sutures were removed and he was very good for this procedure. The tail bob surgery did as it was intended to do. He can lift that short tail now and has no problem while using the litter box! There will be a big change for our 2 mama cats and families today. Ziva and her 3 kittens, who are in June's Room, will be moved to Cat's Corner Room; the kittens are ready for more room to play and they will have it! Raza and her 6 kittens will move to June's Room where they will have a lot more room than in Dodger's Pen, which is where they've been. We had a girl scout troop and leaders bring some wonderful donations to the rescue center yesterday. We want to thank them for their generous supplies!


JatKat is a beautiful longhair tortie with silky soft fur. Her birthday is 2/15/10. Some very nice people found her with a very injured leg and took it upon themselves to take her to a vet. Unfortunately, the leg couldn't be saved, so her rear left leg was amputated. She was then brought to the Rescue Center. She's doing fine being a 3-legged girl, it doesn't seem to have slowed her up at all. She loves people and so thoroughly enjoys being held that she'll stay in your lap forever.

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