Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amber's Visit

Amber H. arrived yesterday with a huge amount of donations from her four children! She is teaching her kids a valuable life lesson--how important it is to share and have compassion. Thanks to Amber, Makaylah, Makennah, Malachi & India. We are so appreciative. They not only brought a mega basket of treats for the volunteers, plus cookies and muffins, they also brought lots of items for the cats--litter, dry food, toys, a bed, play pad, sticky notes, formula, bleach, laundry soap, so many things!! Thanks so much. Zander has been sleeping since his trip to Bowling Green college. He came back smiling after all the petting he got. Fabio, a sun-porch cat, came in yesterday and got his spring grooming done. He has such long fur. We trimmed his whole tummy area and brushed him completely out. Looks magnificent. Next, we need to do Gus and Oliver, the 2 long hair orange boys. Peterson was seen grooming PaddyCakes yesterday. We haven't noticed any seizures from Farrah in quite a while--happy about that. The 3 kittens of Ziva's got their first vaccinations yesterday--a few more days and they will have exploring time out in the main area! 



Emaline is a beautiful calico. Her birthday is 9/16/09. She originally arrived here on 12/2/09 and was adopted 3/10/10. Her new mama was a wonderful elderly lady who unfortunately could no longer take care of her, so Emaline was returned. Due to a problem with her eyes as a kitten, her right eye was removed. Her left eye has a little bit of scar tissue on it. But, as it is with cats, she's wonderful, doesn't know anything is "different" about her, and loves life! Please don't let her "1 eye look" put you off, she has tons of personality and loves to run and play.

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