Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Tree

Yes, we did it--put up a Christmas tree, decorated with Easter bunnies and toys! The cats have been having fun climbing into it, and removing the toys! Merci even took a nap in it! We'll give them a few days of fun with their Easter Tree. Many thanks to many people. We had BOXES to open! Jatcat sent a great, high quality box cutter! I promise to take extra good care of these! Thanks Jatcat for caring about my safety! Thanks to Clarice G, Baxter & Bailey in MI for the 4 cases of baby food. Bella, oldsters & all stay a huge thanks! Jennifer R. sent a huge box of scoopable litter--we can always use litter. CantonCat made $1 stretch into $200 by the MA. lottery! She purchased TWENTY cases of Friskies for the rescue center. The cats and I are grateful, Canton. Thanks to everyone for your support--it's what keeps us going! We also received 3 beautiful cross stitched ornaments from wldfire7 (a web-cam viewer). wldfire made these for the fundraiser in June. Thanks so much--excellent craftsmanship. I've said it over and over again--we meet so many people who do not care about the welfare of animals. Yet, for every one of those people, we meet 50 caring, compassionate friends. The 3 kittens of Ziva had 2 ten minute free time of play in the rescue center yesterday--what fun. They were going all over the place! So playful, not shy at all. 

Remember at this Easter time, that there are a few flowers that are poisonous to cats. They are lilies (all kinds), daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and Easter roses.


Queen Bella

Bella lost one back leg and is partially paralyzed from being hit by a car when she was a kitten. This doesn't slow her down in the least, as you can see. She can climb all the way to the top of the catwalks!

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